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Item Code TSJ01
Category Oils & Vinegars

RM108.00 +6% SST


Green, clear and balanced. Quite complex and clean on the nose, with vegetal notes of herbaceous. The taste is enveloping and fine, with tones reminiscent of the artichoke at the end. Medium bitter and spicy present but well dosed. A harmonious oil but with a strong, extremely elegant flavor.


The acidity determines the product category of the oil; for extra virgin oil the acidity is free, expressed in oleic acid, it must be a maximum of 0.8 g. The peroxides indicate the state of conservation of the oil with specific reference to the state of rancidity. The lower the number of peroxides, the better the quality of the oil, the value of 20 meq.02 / kg marks the limit for marketability for food purposes. The K values make it possible to distinguish a pressure oil from a rectified one, as well as the oxidation state. Industrially produced oils have a high K value. Tocopherols indicate the content of vitamin E, they are an index of the oil’s quality and act as antioxidants; they also have great nutritional value. The polyphenols act on the taste of the oil are also antioxidants and have great nutritional value in human nutrition.