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SIZE 330ml
Item Code LB01
Category Wine, Spirits & Beer

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STYLE German Ale
MALTS Pils, Vienna
HOPS Hallertau Blanc, Hallertau Mittelfrüh
COLOUR Golden yellow
HEAD White, fine, persistent
FLAVOUR Delicately and pleasantly bitter
AROMA Cereal, grassy given by the hop

Light beer of high fermentation from 4,8% vol.
The colour is golden bright yellow; the foam is rich and persistent with fine grain. The scent is combined by
notes of grain and a nice herbal hopping touch. The body is slim, the taste is fresh, the carbonation is very
pleasant and the drink extremely easy.
Refreshing and disengaged, a great companion for all occasions. This beer, apparently so classic and
traditional, has its own strength in the accurate selection of raw materials mixed with art by our brewer. A
great beer comes from strong roots and in our case, also from a huge passion!
Food combination:
This blond beer can be named as a German Ale and features a scent and taste of rich and fragrant grain and
hop. Never above the line, always dynamic and adaptable to various occasions, it’s a beer with an easy soul
and a light scent which you can pleasantly taste with first courses based on vegetables, either pastas or soups.
According to the same concept of light dish–light beer, you will also have a nice compliment with soft cheese
or white meats. Another helpful feature is the type of carbonation, such as bubbles. The great verve of the
bubbles, makes it suitable for fried food or batters, and peanuts or chips for a friendly aperitif.
The additional idea!
Did you ever think about a beer popsicle? Melt some brown sugar in water and add LABI La BIONDA, fill the
stamps and leave them in the freezer for a few hours.