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SIZE 330ml
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STYLE India Pale Ale
MALTS Pale, Dark Munich, Caramel Pils
HOPS Citra, Cascade, Aurora, Chinook, Stirya Wolf
BEER YEAST Top-fermented
COLOUR Tones of orange
HEAD White and creamy
FLAVOUR Decisively bitter
AROMA Tropical fruit, mango and grapefruit
High fermentation India Pale Ale from 6,0% vol.
The colour is yellow, with amber reflexes, the foam appears white, soft and rich. The scent of this beer will
literally overwhelm your senses. A mixture of exotic fruit, mango and pineapple at first, citrus and herbal
touches are the fragrances given by the wonderful stars and stripes hopping. The taste is decisive, intense
and vaguely cheeky; in its expression and persistence the aftertaste is strong and bitter.
Love at first sip? Be careful that only the most faithful lovers are expected!
The strength of this beer is its intriguing way of being: cheeky like somebody who knows to be appealing.
Food combination:
Brought to India by the English in the 800’s, this IPA is vaguely exotic and is a great compliment to spicy and
bittersweet cuisine. Not to be combined with extremely hot dishes because of its great hopping, it can really
challenge your taste buds.
You’d thrive tasting it with first courses based on shellfish, in a bitter-sweet contrast which will balance, or
with seasoned or herb cheeses.
Its English roots and the hop that gives its best with greasy food, makes this beer go well also with fried fish
such as fish&chips. Hamburger with crunchy bacon, pork ribs or grilled lamb are welcome.
It is surely a charismatic beer, but it can also be sly if you pair it with white chocolate dessert, coconut, exotic
fruit. Despite the ethnic origins and the radical–chic being, this beer loves pizza: lard, burrata cheese, bacon
and rosemary, gorgonzola and speck.
The additional idea!
Take advantage of its exotic charm and serve it with a cup of vanilla ice-cream, chopped pineapple and pink