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Category Oils & Vinegars

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It is obtained from the main varieties of typical olives of the area harvested manually and mechanically from the end of October to the first ten days of November and immediately crushed in the oil mill with cold processing, just to keep intact the fresh tones due to incomplete ripening. It is an oil of very low acidity, with an excellent gustatory yield. It is kept in a cool place and filtered with cotton wool before placing it on the market, in order to avoid the natural deposit of vegetation water which would then alter the excellent birth characteristics.
This oil appears at the sight of a beautiful intense golden yellow color with greenish nuances, limpid. The nose is broad and enveloping, characterized by elegant vegetable notes of artichoke, wild thistle, celery, lettuce and strong hints of officinal herbs with rosemary and mint. The taste is fine and personality, with unripe tomato tones and dried fruit at the end. Strong and spicy bitter and spicy. It is excellent on salads of
beans, salmon carpaccio, octopus marinades, porcini mushroom soups, first courses with molluscs, roasted fish, grilled red meats and mature hard cheeses.